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Pool Styles

    Types of Pools

    We offer the highest quality and best constructed pools in the industry.  We partner with the best manufacturers to insure you a lifetime of enjoyment with your pool or spa.

    We Offer Fiberglass and Gunite Pools

    While there are a bunch of pool styles to choose from both prefab and built in options out there, at Exceed Pools our expertise is in prefabricated Fiberglass pools and built-in Gunite pools.  We have years of experience in built-in Gunite pool installation and partner with industry leading San Juan Pools for our Fiberglass pool construction.  With either choice, we guarante alifetime of enjoyment.

    Comparing Pool Types

    Features Fiberglass Gunite Vinyl Liner
    Design Options 65+ designs to choose from Unlimited built on site Can be limited
    Surface Texture Smooth, seemless silky feel Can feel more rough (tiling is an option) Slipery, rougher seems
    Pool Access Seemless stairs, swim outs, benches, sundescks 8+ Weeks 2-5 Weeks
    Installation Time 1-3 Weeks Depending on availability 8+ Weeks 2-5 Weeks
    Durability All weather tolerant, pet friendly, tempurature flexible Rigid concrete may require crack repair Not pet friendly, can puncture and tear
    Care and Maintenance Weekly leass than an hour Weekly 5 hours Weekly 5 hours
    Chemical Usage Minimal Required Required (most needed) water and vessel Required (most needed) water and vessel
    Electrical Usage Curculate 4-6 hours/day Circulate 10 hours/day Circulate 6-8 hours/day

    What is Included with a Pool?

    A pool needs more than just the frame!

    Our basic package consisting of a pool, light, tile border, pump/filter package and a 3 foot deck around the pool will sometimes work for certain families.

    However, most families want a larger pool deck and other landscaping features.  We’ve been building backyards and pouring concrete for over 30 yrs.  We can build your custom experience.

    Exceed Fiberglass Pools Wave Card

    Exceed Fiberglass Pools

    Fiberglass pools are a great option. They are smooth on your feet, easy to keep clean and flexible in case of ground movement. We've been fans of the fiberglass when the requirements are right. The biggest concern for some families is depth. Fiberglass pools aren't great for diving boards. However, they are cost effective, clean, and perfect for most climates. Take a look at all the features of a fiberglass pool.

    Exceed Gunite Pools Wave Card

    Exceed Gunite Pools

    Gunite pools offer endless custom options. They offer deeper options than fiberglass and can be built to fit any design. Gunite are traditionally the most popular option because they existed long before the new fiberglass and vinyl options. Gunite pools require a little more time and more construction as they are constructed on-site. Take a look at the features of a gunite pool.


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